Countertops made of artificial stone and wood panel

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Countertops made of artificial stone and wood panel


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Artificial (acrylic) stone - the composite material consisting of mineral filler, an acrylic resin and pigment. 
Artificial (acrylic) stone is solid non-porous material, painted the entire depth, which allows any treatment. After polishing compound is virtually invisible, giving the impression that all product is made from a single piece - the monolith. In appearance, he really looks like natural stone and marble, but in performance far superior to natural analogues. 
The biggest advantage over other materials is that Artificial stone - completely restored material, ie all appeared chips, cracks or scratches as a result of severe mechanical damage are easily corrected. 
Currently, the artificial stone used for virtually any interior trim space, as well as for the manufacture of a wide range of accessories. Kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, countertops, walls, windows and much more - all of which can be made from or using artificial stone. 
Another important feature of artificial stone is hygiene. 
Artificial stone is porous, therefore not absorb odors and moisture dyes (coffee, iodine, etc.), which greatly facilitates maintenance of the product.


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