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                                    Quartz countertops                                                      Other quartz products

Furniture factory "Malvi-furniture" is the first certified handler of quartz stone in the territory of Western Ukraine.
Quartz stone is one of the most durable materials that consistently withstands all influences of the kitchen environment and surpasses the majority of furniture materials by its operational characteristics.
The agglomerate of quartz stone is 95-96% composed directly of quartz - one of the strongest natural minerals. The remaining 4-5% are reinforcing resins and coloring pigments, thanks to which stones from quartz stone acquire the original color. The quartz stone is known for its high resistance to impact and chips, as well as to the formation of cracks, scratches and other mechanical damage. In operation, the product of quartz stone is not erased, nor does it require special care. Due to all these qualities, products made of quartz stone are very popular with buyers.
Quartz stone has a high thermal resistance. Products made of quartz are absolutely fire-proof and have high thermal resistance. You can safely put hot dishes on them without fear of deformation of the material. In addition, it consistently withstands the effects of low temperatures. Due to the lack of pores in the material, it has high moisture-repellent characteristics. In addition, quartz stone is resistant to mold and bacteria. Therefore, a quartz stone product is environmentally harmless and safe for human health.
The natural texture of a quartz stone gives it a beautiful and natural look, and the addition of special coloring pigments allows you to achieve both natural shades and other colors. Care of the surfaces of quartz stone is extremely simple - you only need to regularly wipe the surface with warm water with a usual detergent.
The quartz stone, in terms of its performance, is far superior to granite and marble, so it is the perfect solution for a kitchen that will be able to please you for many years. Thanks to the strength of the material, it is possible to reduce the thickness of the slabs, as well as mount large sections of furniture without obviously seamy seams.

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