Меблі мальви: спальні, офісні, м'які, кухонні - Інтернет магазин меблі Львів.

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Date Added: 09/11/2018

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Date Added: 05/10/2017
  National business-rating economic performance of enterprises in Ukraine for 2013-2014 years, said:   "On the basis of scientifically grounded statistical methodology weighted ranking of LLC" Malva Furniture "won:   31 th place in the top 100 (gold) in Ukraine in the amount of seats 4 nominations financial and economic activities; 3rd place in the top 15 (gold) in the Lviv region include the sum of 4 nominations financial and economic activity. "
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Date Added: 03/06/2014

Меблі мальви: спальні, офісні, м'які, кухонні - Інтернет магазин меблі Львів.

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Ласкаво просимо в ТзОВ Меблі Мальви



Furniture factory " Malwa " designs, manufactures and installs furniture to create an individual apartment or workspace. We work in order to make the whole process from planning to installation of furniture as comfortable and affordable. We create in Ukraine a European level of design, quality and service. Founded in 1994 in Lviv factory " Malwa " today sets new standards of design and furniture design. Under the activities of the factory many times marked by awards and commendations customers . In 2009 the factory " Malwa " won 16th place in the national ranking of " The dynamics of the enterprise ," according to the data of State Statistics of Ukraine, which lets you carry the title of leader of Ukraine's economy and confirmed evidence of the International Chamber of Commerce. March 25, 2011 , based on statistics, public authority statistics of Ukraine defined the company "mallow " as " Industry Leader 2010" in Lviv region , and presented to the head of the Order "Professional industry." Factory " Malwa " - the leader of innovative solutions in the production of furniture. Our factory is equipped with modern equipment and materials for furniture manufacture deliver the best European manufacturers. We know what will be tomorrow furniture .