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About company

My house - my fortress. My home - my world. How many years will not be forgotten by this old truth, but it will never lose its relevance. Well, the furniture - it's certainly his character.

How much depends on taste and refinement breakfast mood with which it was cooked on a kitchen to cook his landlady? How much depends on the nature and development of your child from the situation room in which it grows? As far as setting your home's impact on mood in which to return it, and your relationships in the family?

What could be more important for every family, every one of us than his own cozy homestead? Our quality of life, its fullness and character, the atmosphere is determined in most homes in which we live. It is our philosophy.

The main objective of our company - to improve the quality of life, offering beautiful, high-quality, convenient and affordable furniture that make the house cozy and warm in the family. This we achieve through a young team of professionals, spiritually rich people contribute to the prosperity of the company where everyone can realize their potential and the best way to achieve their goals in life.

To date, "Malvy-Furniture" - a company with 20 years experience, is well known in the Western Ukraine as a European manufacturer of furniture quality.

On the following pages offer you more familiar with a wide range of our products, and with the support of managers of different areas of home improvement process will turn into pleasure, which will bring you fond memories for years to come.


Yours sincerely Chief Executive Officer and staff of the company, "Malvy-Furniture"