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Restaurant furniture

If you're just going to open a restaurant, or would like to update the interior of the existing facility, you definitely need furniture. Furniture - is one of the integral parts of the institution that are cozy and provide a comfortable stay in the restaurant. I do not think that the furniture for the restaurant is of secondary importance, and most importantly - the kitchen - is not that great food can be a magnet for visitors only with the convenience and comfort that can only give carefully thought Mebelyrovka your institution. 
And then save just is not worth it, however, and bought furniture from the best manufacturers if you open a budgetary institution - discrepancies in prices for food and standard of furniture will likely reject visitors than attract them. So buy, following a middle ground. 
To keep your customers happy and coming back again and again, take care how comfortable they will be placed in the hall. When choosing furniture should pay attention to various other parts. For example, the color and the material of the furniture is made and style. Consider what you want to see your restaurant? What should reflect the essence of the title, which is in the restaurant kitchen, the atmosphere? Who is your target audience? 
Depending on the atmosphere you want to create in the restaurant, and choose furniture. For example, if a family type restaurant, you better stay on upholstered furniture and tables with sharp corners that children do not accidentally injured. If this is a restaurant in the style of any country should be a symbolism and style of furniture conform to it. 


When you have decided on the style, choose are some pieces of furniture. For example, you may need chairs, sofas, bar stools, of course, tables. Well, when the restaurant is a wardrobe or even a place where you can leave your bags - hangers, baskets for umbrellas. Racks for bags at each table will delight visitors of females, or you can leave on the tables sumkoderzhateli. Calculate also the number of tables so that visitors feel comfortable moving between the tables and play. However, if the premise for the restaurant occupies little space, it is better not to overload territory furniture. But still need to take care of comfort to visitors in the best possible framework. Little things - they are always important.

Ltd. "Mallows-furniture" has a long history of cooperation with the concern "Galnaftogas" TM "Pasta mia" 'A la minite ", JSC" Vestoilhrup "TM" WOG ". Furniture We produce according to your sketches, our designers will make you an offer, that satisfies your most exquisite designs. on our furniture we provide after-sales service.



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