Palette of decors Staron

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Palette of decors Staron

Acrylic stone Staron: properties and applications




Acrylic stone Staron are manufactured by Samsung Cheil Industrial Inc. This division of the Korean giant holding company Samsung. Stone Staron - innovation of finishing materials. The advantages include:

  • High strength, factory quality assurance - 10 years;
  • ecology - the material meets all sanitary certificates of quality and environmental protection;
  • moisture resistance - do not miss the water, resists mildew;
  • pleasant to the touch smooth texture without seams, which is easy to keep clean;
  • withstand high temperatures, do not fade under direct sunlight.

The manufacturer offers a wide range of stone Staron different textures and shades of color. Its high strength and excellent aesthetic qualities have been used in the decoration of kitchen sets and bathrooms. Today, countertops made ​​of artificial stone Staron are gaining popularity in Russia.

Countertops made ​​of artificial stone Staron - nice texture and gorgeous color


Wide Countertops made ​​of artificial stone itself may be the main decorative element of the kitchen. For such a nice touch tabletop, it is easy to clean and it can withstand the weight and impact loads, which are inevitable in the process of cooking. The texture of the coating can be smooth or rough. In the manufacturer's catalog presents more than 50 shades of color, so you can choose the best solution for the decoration of the finest cuisine. But the design to be more harmonious and complete, it is recommended to add to it another acrylic piece. An additional element will be in addition to countertops made ​​of artificial stone sill.

Sills made ​​of artificial stone Staron - new framing the usual type


High strength properties, insensitivity to temperature changes, comfort and great looks make window sills made ​​of artificial stone Staron great decoration for any room. This gorgeous thing will last you a long time. Also possible to produce acrylic bar counters, shelves and other functional elements of the interior.

Material composition STARON


Production Staron

Samsung Cheil Industries - a chemical corporation, a component of the South Korean corporation Samsung, which is a leader in the world of communication and information technologies. Realizing the need for the development of the chemical industry, Samsung has mastered the production of various kinds of raw materials, including artificial stone. Cultured Stone brand Staron designed for furniture and interiors. It is characterized by high cost, which corresponds to the high quality material. The company gives a guarantee on the stone Staron 10-15 years.


The composition of artificial stone Staron

Artificial stone Staron, as Hi-Macs and Corian, 75% consists of natural minerals 5% of pigments that provide color and 20% of an acrylic resin which provides a seamless connection.

Thanks fillers and mineral supplements artificial stone Staron has a wide color gamut, which has 44 species of color. In addition, stone Staron varies in texture. So, there is a pastel (nezernistaya), sand (fine-grained), quartz (medium-grained) and granite (coarse) structure artificial kamnyaStaron Samsung.A wide range of textures and colors allows for Staron stone for interior decoration and furniture, creating a unique design, especially in combination with other types of materials, including natural - wood, granite, marble, glass, metal.

Characteristics of artificial stone Staron

Artificial stone Staron its durability, high strength and easy to care for. In terms of resistance to fading and fading is not inferior to the natural stone. However, in comparison with natural stone Staron has clear advantages. Firstly, it is worth noting the absence of cracks and micropores in Staron perfectly smooth surface, which enables its easy cleaning of the various contaminants and water. Staron not absorb water, grease, dirt, and will not absorb liquids, which are difficult to deduce from other surfaces, such as iodine.Many opt for the dark color of the stone, believing that eventually they will not be visible stains. In fact, it is not necessary to guide the choice of colors, as neither dark nor bright colors Staron not burn out, do not darken and do not keep any spots during the operation due to its structure and a smooth non-porous surface.

High hygiene material, environmental friendliness and resistance to temperature have great potential for use in the manufacture of Staron kitchen furniture. So often connoisseurs of modern interiors bought countertops, sinks, window sills, bar counters, cornices and other elements of stone Staron.

Stone Staron easily into any shape by heating. Due to this property of artificial stone can make a product of any geometry, even the most sophisticated forms. Thus, in order countertops generally rounded protrusions undulating edge,

Their best physical and aesthetic qualities of artificial stone Staronvoplotil in his new collection Staron Tempest. In this line is not only a huge palette of shades from black to white, but also rich in imitation of natural materials - emerald and sapphire. This line of stone Staron is another important difference - a stone Tempestobladaet special visual effect of the internal volume. To this effect, in the material included special reflective particles.

Application of artificial stone Staron

Acrylic stone Staron - is an excellent material for kitchen countertops, sinks, bar counters, window sills, and other products for the bath and kitchen. The main advantage of this stone is non-porous and joints, which guarantees absolute hygiene and water resistance of the product and it is so important, especially for those rooms where moisture is always present, and temperature extremes.

Another important feature is the seamless splicing products, which makes it monolithic, and accordingly excludes moisture, bacteria, etc. This advantage will be appreciated by owners of cast stone Staron, especially in restaurants, cafes, bars, hospitals, sports centers, etc., where it is especially important to follow the health standards.

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