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Пластик HPL

Пластик HPL
Plastiс HPL thermally stable and resistant to abrasion, moisture and chemicals, thermostable, protected from fading.
It is resistant to fuels, oils, greases and lubricants, cosmetics, food products, chemical reagents. Plastics HPL do not crumble when cutting, do not break down during storage and transport.
Decorative Laminates (plastic HPL) is a common constructional and finishing material.
Plastic HPL good surface quality, a wide range of colors and patterns, wear resistance and impact resistance.
All these characteristics and qualities cause wide application in the manufacture of plastic HPL furniture for residential, office laboratory space in the construction and repair of residential and industrial buildings, in the structure of trucks, ships and elevators.
To finish working and front surfaces of furniture, countertops used for the manufacture of plastic for postforming HPL.

Postforming - technology tiled furniture board laminate at elevated pressure and temperature. When wrapping plastic with plastic bent over the edge, ie postformiruetsya and plate surface becomes homogeneous material. As a result, the seam between the cladding plates and the one side edge and with no use of the product it misses the water that could cause delamination of the plastic. Coating technology postforming has high barrier properties, providing high resistance material to mechanical, thermal and chemical stresses.































































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